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Read Ms. Lindsey's story below about how we helped her to successfully receive a free boiler grant using the ECO funding scheme.

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“Within a month, I had a remote-controlled boiler!”

Ms. Lindsey (Scotland)

Having heard media coverage of how energy companies could assist with boiler grant funding, Ms Lindsey applied to Find Energy Savings because her boiler was over 20 years old, and she realised that her energy bills were only getting higher and higher. Having spent money on boiler repairs over the past few years, she was exploring the possibility of signing up for a maintenance plan to make the repairs more affordable. Her free boiler grant couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I found out about the boiler grants and applied through Find Energy Savings straight away. It was a really easy application, and the whole process was brilliant from start to finish. Really smooth.”

Things started to progress as soon as Ms Lindsey applied. The contractor called her on the same day as her application and made arrangements to survey the property.

“They gave me a checklist of all of the thing they wanted to see when they came to carry out the survey. That meant that when they arrived, I had my benefits and property ownership documents ready to hand.”

Within four weeks, her new Vokera boiler had been installed. As a wheelchair user and mother, she’d hoped that the service would be quick and simple. The contractors were able to deliver against those requirements, but were able to offer a whole lot more in addition.

“The surveyor discussed some options with me, one of which was a portable control panel for the heating system. It means that wherever I am in my home, I can control the heating at the touch of a button. As someone with limited mobility, that’s such a big help. And they did everything for me. They removed the old boiler, had to install some new pipework, and removed all of the waste.”

And Ms Lindsey went on to explain that she is already seeing the benefits of her free replacement boiler in her energy bills.

“I’m already seeing savings of £20-30 per month on my gas bills. It’s likely to be even more during the winter. The two-year warranty on the new boiler also means that I don’t have to sign up for a maintenance plan until the warranty has expired, so I’ve saved money there too.”

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