Mrs. Khan received a free boiler

Read Mrs. Kahn's story below about how we helped her and her husband to successfully receive a free boiler grant using the ECO funding scheme.

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“Our new boiler was installed within a month”

Mrs. Khan (West Yorkshire)

A conversation with her sister-in-law told Mrs Khan that replacing her old boiler might not be as complicated or expensive as she feared.

“My sister-in-law told me that she’d had a free boiler replacement because of the benefits she received, and she suggested I apply. I found the FindEnergySavings website, and completed the online form. It was really easy.”

The Khans’ frustrations were not limited to their heating bills. She was also really frustrated at having to wait for hot water.

“Our boiler was really old. It still worked, but it didn’t work very well. It took ages for the water to heat, and I only seemed to have a little bit of hot water until it ran cold again.”

Find Energy Savings appointed a local, approved contractor to handle Mrs Khan’s application, and she was surprised at how simple the process was.

“Find Energy Savings texted me to tell me who was handling my application, and later that same afternoon I had a telephone call from the Surveyor arranging the initial survey appointment. They told me which benefits paperwork they needed to see, which meant I had everything ready for them when they carried out the survey.”

The work to installer the new Vaillant boiler was completed within four weeks, and with two children to look after, Mr & Mrs Khan are already feeling the benefits of their new Vaillant boiler.

“Having hot water readily available has made a huge difference already. The work was completed just a few weeks ago. We’ve been told to expect savings of around £20 per month from our fuel bills.”

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