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Read Mr. Williams' story below about how we helped him to successfully receive a free boiler grant using the ECO funding scheme.

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“I couldn’t afford to buy a new boiler. I’m on Pension Credit.”

Mr. Williams (Dyfed)

Mr Williams was really starting to notice how high his energy bills were. His boiler was also unreliable, and for peace of mind, he wanted a new gas boiler before the winter.

“I’m a pensioner, living on my own, and it was really expensive to heat my home. I always had to re-pressurise my system. The boiler was really old. I couldn’t afford to buy a new boiler. I’m on Pension Credit”.

Mr Williams spoke to a friend, who told him to apply for a boiler replacement grant through Find Energy Savings.

“Find Energy Savings appointed a local approved contractor, and they handled my application. It took six or seven weeks, from the time I made the application, to the time the boiler was installed. They were excellent at keeping me informed about how my application was progressing.”

The contractors sent two engineers to fit a brand new Potterton boiler, and Mr Williams is already delighted with the difference it’s made.

“The engineers were excellent. They talked me through the new boiler controls and made sure I was happy with everything before they left. They cleared up after themselves, and took away the old boiler. I’m really pleased I was able to get my new boiler installed before the weather got really cold.”

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